The Hidden Traitorship

Last Updated: 6 December, 2023

What this is:

This is about the existence of a secret cooperation between powerful forces in our society, especially in Governance, to guide society towards goals agreed by these elites, rather than the Public, especially Satanic, Culture of Death, or One WOrld Government agendas, which operate fundamentally against the interests of the People.

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What the Key to Understanding Reality on this Issue:

A relatively free society tends to be built on 'checks and balances' which distribute power among different parties rather than allowing it to be concentrated in one party. For example, the news media should be independent from Government, to prevent one entity from controlling both the laws andthe narrative.

The premise of that thinking is that it's unlikely for different groups to work together against the public good.

The reality is that although it's more difficult for a few parties to be corrupt than just one, it's not impossible, there is strong incentive for these factions to invisibly cooperate to effectively rule society together, and they've had decades if not centuries to slowly develop this cooperation.

Overview Documentaries:

  1. Epoch TV November 29, 2022: The Shadow State | Documentary

How is the Shadow Government a Threat to the Public?

  1. Elusive Dictatorship: The most obvious problem is that, even in supposed democracies, the affected Public finds that they are dictated policy to in almost all issues, the elected 'representatives' show little or no interest in knowing nevermind serving the will of the People, there isn't much difference between candidates' election platforms (though there are many candidates), and it's difficult to even identify who the dictator is to break free of them. The phenomenon is different from a clear authority issuing written orders for you to agree or disagree with (such as was the case when America was written by Britain). Instead, with a shadow government system, the political system structure appears to be democratic, but you're increasingly told instead of asked what to do. For example, in Western governments it's typically that abortion is legal (and often Government-funded). This is a highly controversial issue of great importance, but most peoples have never been offered a referendum on it, but simply told what the law on it is today as decided by Courts and Governments. Similarly, although the COVID-19 outbreak has been ongoing for approximately 3 years, with human-rights-violating Government-dictated social restrictions from that time on that excuse, and elections happening normally in that time, the Public was not given a referendum on how we wanted the situation handled and no candidates of the 'main' political parties were offering a different path at election time.

    The situation of a democratic system actually run as a dictatorship is known as a 'captive democracy'.

  2. Activism Glass Ceiling: One of the worst problems is that no matter how many people truth-sharers wake people up to the truth of social and global issues needing action, at some level anti-establishment activism is typically ignored by the decision-makers, even their elected representatives, no matter the evidence or the harm. These people are supposed to serve their consitutents' concerns but sometimes they just don't. As of this writing, this kind of obstructionism, rather than any lack of evidence, is the reason so many activist issues have stalled making real progress towards their solution, such as anti-geoengineering activism and its blind denial by politicians. Even if they do promise to look into it if they get elected, too many times they get elected but don't look into it.

  3. Derailment of Purpose When corporations and Government are infiltrated to serve outside interests, it means they lose focus on the purpose they should be serving. The society becomes mismanaged: typically with declining services and increasing taxes or fees.

  4. Top-Down Social Change: Activist leaders start promoting agendas by authority, law, and public or corporate funding they have control over, in movements which normally should grow bottom-up. One example is the LGBT movement which has enjoyed copious Western funding and explicit support from Government and corporations: so much that it's rare to see collections for such causes because they're typically already well funded by these social institutions.

  5. Protected Establishment: Leadership indebted to the shadow government tends to protect its interests no matter the cost to the Public they are supposed to be serving. For example, politicians never campaign to end the bank money creation problems, even though only the People should benefit from money creation.

  6. Totalitarianism: With pervasive willingness to cooperate on any agenda, such as they showed in the COVID-19 crisis, quick implementation of literally any agenda is feasible, no matter the cost to the People, and that's extremely dangerous for our future.

What their goal is

It seems to be one world government, presumably the UN, and then oppressive control of humanity worldwide.

Methods they Use to Maintain Control and Direction of Society

Many of the flaws which allow a shadow governance to function are detailed in our Corruptions in Democracy page.

Here are some other ones:

  1. Partnering with All Popular Political Parties: Although it seems natural to support only the political party of your choice, there is nothing to stop anyone, or any organization, from backing ALL of the political parties. The Shadow Government is able to maintain a direction for society with good reliability by partnering with the most popular political parties to ensure they will keep the society on the same direction in the biggest issues no matter which one of them is elected.

    Another benefit of this method for the Shadow Government is that the Public can vent anger without causing change in the key issues. If the Public rejects the initiatives, and votes the Government who introduced them out, the party the voters put in to replace them typically continue the same agenda, if it's what the Shadow Government wants, even if that replacing party promised voters they would stop the unpopular initiative. It works like this: Democrat election victory -> administration fails the Public -> voter anger -> Republican election victory -> administration fails the Public -> voter anger -> (repeat). Examples of elected officials choosing to maintain or make only minor changes to something they'd promised voters to stop or fundamentally change:

  2. Infiltration at Positions of Social Influence

  3. A major strategy is installing or recruiting people into posts of highest possible influence, where the most effect can be achieved with the least effort; these people are exected to use their position for the shadow government first and the People second if at all. For example, a president can effectively start a war on just personal authority alone.

    The Government, news media, powerful corporations, and the education system are the most important sectors for them to control, with certain industries (especially medical) and military a close second.

    As much as possible, once they have influence to decide hiring policies, they strongly favour those who are part of the agreement over all other candidates.

    Example: Canadian Parliament DIDN'T LIKE THIS QUESTION! #WEF

  4. Exclusive Media Support. It's become common that only the 'main' candidates in any eletion are covered by the 'mainstream' media, despite many more options actually being on the ballot. In some cases, even in a public debate of a score of debaters, only a few will be focused on by the news coverage: even to leave the others out of the camera in some cases.

    This strongly discourages voters from voting for the suppressed candidates. When candidates don't exist in the News they seem like they don't have support or a relistic chance to win, if voters even realize their existence at all.

    Actually what makes some candidates 'main' is their consistent coverage in the News, and this is determined by the News. It's a preselection which happens before the election: that mainstream media conveniently 'narrows down' the options for voters.

    Presumably, the 'main' candidates all have agreements with the shadow government, and that's why they are promoted by mainstream news (which shadow government also seems to control) while the other candidates are not. This is why there is not equal coverage.

    Although trapped democracy does allow choice, a trapped democracy system virtually ensures that whoever the People elect work for the shadow government.

  5. Duped Support. The shadow government sometimes offers those who are angry with the existing system a chane to vote their anger in a candidate which seems to offer a different path on an issue they seem willing to sacrifice in a worst-case scenario: for example to end a war but not to end income tax. When those people elect that candidate, the candidate then doesn't do that thing they promised. The only recourse the People have is to vote them out of office for someone else to betray them again. In fact, the two-party system is thought to be simply a way to vent anger, by eleting the other party next time, without causing any real policy change.

  6. Global Coordination. It seems they eventually intend to use the United Nations to coordinate and eventually enact a World Government, such as the unelected World Health Organization, to bring in a world government on medical excuse, by their pandemic treaty. Until then there are definitely global meetings of elites, such as at the World Economic Forum, but presumably other, more secret, meetings are happening also.

  7. Long-term Planning, meaning enacting plans over timeframes decades long: long enough for deep inflitration and very gradual Public acceptance. It's a very patient approach which allows the Public to 'get used' to change in small increments. This is actually evidence of a sophisticated conspiracy as it's unlikely that one or even a small group of people would have patience for conducting a campaign over such a long timeframe: even their own mortality would demand results faster. It suggests that the Shadow Government, whatever it is, has a multi-generational method of existence.

  8. Government Agency Heads. Although the top government leaders are usually elected and their terms limited, they are expected to stay in front of the camera as every public event seems to expect their presence; they cannot have much time to personally understand nevermind interfere with the government agencies, whose heads are not elected and have no term limits. Plus the elected officials heavily depend on support from the unelected staff to function well in front of the camper. It's said that the real power in Government exists with these people just under the elected level.

Evidence that Government Operates in an Anti-Human Way

This suggests a hidden control mechanism because by all appearances Government has every incentive to serve humanity.

  1. National Governments Worldwide showing an Undemocratic Willigness to Cooperate in Lockstep to Implement Unprecedented Social Restrictions without Voter Mandate

  2. The People aren't calling for these things, or more clearly aren't asked in a direct referendum, so if it's not the People driving these initiatives, who or what is?

    Examples include:

  3. Government assisting their own citizens to commit suicide faster than most other non-emergency medical services they might need

  4. 17 Nov 2023: Do You Want To Die Today? Inside Canada’s Euthanasia Program

  5. Government protecting vaccination programs no matter the level of excess deaths following: Example video: Dec 6, 2023: NZ Government Doubles Down on Vaccine Democide

  6. Government typically reluctant to pay for life needs, but always finding seemingly unlimited money for war (and other pet initiatives). For example, even in the midst of a 2023 financial shortfall threatening USA federal government services shutdown, officials remained adamant that they can not only afford billions of dollars to support Ukraine's war with Russia, but also to support Israel's war with Gaza, indefinitely:

  7. Government Protection of Child Trafficking

  8. Government Protection of Abortion

  9. Government Protection of Substance Abuse

  10. Government mandating vaccines while protecting vaccine manufacturers from liability for harms

  11. This forces the Public into a position of a risk they must bear themselves.

  12. Government stockpiling weapons so destructive they seem better suited to destroying humanity than solving political problems

  13. In particular: nuclear weapons.

  14. Fluoridation of Municipal Drinking Water

  15. Please see our page on this.

  16. Government protection of GMOs.

  17. For many citizens, the Government has made it so that they have no right to know if their food is GMO or not: it's not required to be labelled.

  18. Government protection of the proliferation of wireless radiation.

  19. Typically no safety studies used in rollout of these, nor anyone monitoing the aggregate exposure of citizens.

  20. Occult Symbology in Places it is Out of Place is Government Serves only Goodness and the Public

    1. There is an almost perfect inverted Pentagram (the traditional symbol of evil, a certain goat-headed demon, or the Devil) formed by the streets of Washington DC, with the White House exactly where the downward point (with a bit of extrapolation) would be. You might need to pull the following image down slightly (putting the White House at the bottom of the image) to see it clearly:

    2. Prominent Obelisks around the world, such as the Washington Monument, are occult symbols. Example article: The One Wicked Symbol Every American Should Hate

    3. The Peace Symbol, resembling an inverted Y, is actually a symbol of death, and at some point was switched with the true peace symbol, which resembles an upright Y, representing a tree. This is also why the hand symbol for peace (upright Y) still retains the old form. Some references to the old usage, of upright Y, for the inscribed symbol remain, such as on the bathroom wall in the movie Brother John (1971). Example article: The Peace Symbol is a Proto-Germanic Death Rune

    4. School bus brake lights: 'Satanic school bus' slammed by mum

  21. Government Security Clearance: It's common knowledge that large governments typically have many levels of information secrecy, which they call 'security' and for which security 'clearance' levels are required for access. There are rumours that there is at least one level above what even the President is allowed to know, but that's heresay. What's important for this point is that there are many levels of information, or levels of truth awareness, which the Establishment has access to but the Public does not. There's nothing uncertain about this.

    The problem has to do with the fact that the basic idea of information security is to keep all information available to decision-makers (which they must have to effectively guide the organization) but restrict it from everyone else who doesn't need to know for operational or other essential reasons. There is no way that any information would be designed to be restricted from decision-makers or the organization would quickly fail for lack of that information in the decision-making process. The implication is that if you're not granted access to all of the information, you're not the decision-maker. Specifically, the fact that there are many levels of awareness which our Government doesn't permit the Public to know about proves beyond any doubt that the Public isn't the decision-maker of our governance: otherwise the Public must have that information to decide policies. But our democratic system teaches us that the Public makes policy deicisions through our votes and contact with our elected representativs. Therefore the idea that the Public makes policy decisions is a gross misrepresentation.

    It was difficult to believe, anyway. Presidents and Prime Ministers need to spend most of their time in front of cameras to maintain presence in the Public mind on which their election depends. They don't have time to investigate the workings of ministries but rather depend on them for support during their term. It's the unelected heads of ministries which have the real power.

  22. Sudden reversal of Public-protective announcements by public leaders towards Public-endangering positions despite no noticable significant and new information.

  23. Presumably a public leader has strong reasons to take a certain position on an issue before making a public announcement on it, which implies that it should take a lot for them to reverse their position. Yet it has happened on numerous occasions and remains not uncommon. Also notable is that not only does their position change internally, but they usually soon take it upon themselves to announce their new views. A quick sampling of examples include:

    For anyone who is in the field of sharing truth, we know that to change someone's opinion, it usually takes both some shocking information and a long time to digest it: not one, but both.

    The most reasonable explanation, therefore, of this public habit is that the leader understood the issue (or presumably wouldn't have spoken out about it), decided and expressed that they wanted to do something for the good of Society on that issue, but someone or something hearing that announcment quickly contacted them and made them change their position.

  24. Political parties no longer differing from each other in any major policy. For example, voters generally don't even have an option, between the main parties, to vote for someone who is pro-life, or anti-war, or anti-vaccine, among others, even though many people want those things. It's as if they have already decided to continue these things and voters don't get to choose that. Voters only get to choose between smaller and smaller policy differences. It's so bad that it's difficult to tell political party policies apart anymore.

  25. Obviously Incompetent People Appointed to Government, especially in secondary positions but sometimes the leading position itself. For example:

  26. The only rational explanation why incompetent people are appointed to high offices is that loyalty is more important to their selection than competence. Loyalty to what/whom?

  27. Oaths of Office to serve something other than the People even when elected by the People. For example, in Canada, elected ministers must swear allegiance to the UK Monarch to take their seat.

  28. National leaders making a top priority of bringing the country into line with global initiatives, such as under banners of combatting 'climate change' or World Economic Form. When global initiatives are the top priority for the national leader, it means they are bringing the nation into subjugation to global governance. An example video: July 6, 2022 Sky News Australia's Rowan Dean compares Trudeau to Netherlands PM Mark Rutte and calls them "golden pin-up boys for Klaus Schwab"

  29. Public knowledge of secret societies: Many secret societies are publicly known to exist, just not publicly known as to how they operate. What is their purpose, is it for or against the Public good, and does this have something to do with why they are secret? Example: Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry

Specific Evidence or Testimonies that the phenomenon and/or threat of Shadow Government is Real

What is the Relationship Structure within the Shadow Government?

Being a shadow government, it's not obvious, but models of it include:

  1. The spider web model: Nov 22, 2023 Inside the Global Cult's Spider Web: David Icke Speaks Out

  2. Trickle-Down Model, which works in layers like this:

    1. Maximally-Unseen Non-Human Entities, at the top layer, direct secret societies below them, in exchange for revelations of knowledge (secrets).

    2. Mostly Unseen Secret societies direct social institutions such as governments and corporations in either direct control (infilatration into key positions) or in exchange for money. They are able to give money easily because money is a system creeated by them which has a kind of backdoor which allows them to create as much as they want of it for free. They are knowledgeable enough to enslave us directly, but they prefer and perhaps need to do it through partnerships, because God won't allow them to enslave humanity by their direct force, but will allow them to coax us into accepting or otherwise cooperating with our own enslavement by our own choice (even if that choice is coerced).

    3. Seen Social Institutions direct society in exchange for convenience, whether through promises of rewards or threats of punishments. They can easily impose these because they write the laws, can re-write them at will, they direct law enforcement (to enforce certain laws against certain people or not), and they spend the Public money to do it.

    4. The General Public tends to obey as they are lead in the direction of most rewards and least punishments.

    As an example, the COVID-19 vaccination program:

    1. We can speculate that non-human entities gave the order for humanity to be injected with the 'vaccine': as many as could be made to accept it by their own free choice (even if that choice was coerced).

    2. We can speculate that impressive technologies within the concoction were shared with the secret societies in exchange for their help in the rollout of the vaccinations.

    3. We can speculate that these secret societies had enough presence in world Governments to cause them towards the goal.

    4. Governments worldwide suddenly announced this one low-lethality disease was suddenly a priority so dire and urgent as they need emergency powers, they spent as though public money was no longer limited, to both fund vaccine research and purchase vaccines, and entered into contracts to protect vaccine manufacturers from liability for harms resulting from the vaccines. To entice the Public, they first encouraged by assurances from touted experts, then offered rewards, and after a majority had accepted them, they made them mandatory for the minority, against various penalties (such as losing employment, losing enrolment, losing access to social venues).

    5. The General Public mostly accepted the vaccines: first for trust, then on rewards, and then the rest out of fear of punishments (such as losing their job).

  3. This video (starting at the 22:00 mark) puts forward the allegation that it is a hierarchy but ultimately the National Security Agency (NSA) being comprised of 4 internal levels, and subservient to malevolent non-humans.

How it Happens:

This kind of influence generally takes a long time to establish with persistence and patience.

The influencer presumably starts by recruiting ambitious and capable youth who they see likely to achieve positions of influence, and they help them arrive at that influence, in exchange for certain favours on request.

The most important favour is to hire like-minded people for important posts whenever possible, over all other candidates, to concenrate them into positions of authority over time.

Eventually a large proportion of the membership or management are in the 'pocket' of the influencer.

The influencer is also free to influence both sides of a division, such as both Democrat and Republican, so that whichever one wins they backed them.


  1. How can something this big be a secret?

  2. It seems that the secrecy is maintained by such mechanisms as::

    1. Compartmentalization: This is where the work and access is limited between actors, by design, such that almost no one sees enough of the actions and consequences of the operation to make a sure conclusion on a nefarious intent to the campaign. Whistleblowers tend to come forward when, by some flaw in design or accident, they see the big picture of what's going on. For example: M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)

    2. Bribes

    3. Blackmail

    4. Oaths of Secrecy

  3. Why the secrecy?

  4. The answer seems to be that if the Public knew that their rulers were intent against them, and/or non-human, we wouldn't acceept it.

  5. Exactly who Leads the Shadow Government?

  6. It seems to be the demons our society has been putting up public statues for, including:

    1. Lucifer: Statue of Liberty SYMBOL OF LUCIFER and Petition asks City of Vancouver to re-erect naked Satan statue and Controversial 'Satanic Statue' Removed From Lahore Museum after Court Order

    2. Moloch: Pope Commemorates Moloch Statue at Roman Colosseum, Symbolizing Child Sacrifice Still Exists

    3. Baphomet: Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit

What You Can DO About It:

You can't tackle things which the political system keeps secret and protected through political means.

You can use God's omniscience and omnipotence, through prayer, to find and root out this evil.

Moreover, the more you and the rest of society insist on morally righteous behaviour and refuse to consent to immoral Government initiatives, the more difficult it is for evil to be allowed to rule you, by spiritual laws: not even in secret. The need for social immorality to spiritually support evil rule seems to be why so much evil has been promoted and funded 'from the top' (by Government), such as abortion and other atrocities, in recent decades.

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