What to Do if You're COVID-19-Vaccinated:
Looking for a Paddle up the Creek

Last Updated: 21 February, 2024

Maybe you feel fine and you believe that means there was no harm from the vaccines. Hopefully not, but the facts remain that:

  1. The mechanism of action of the genetic vaccines is to introduce changes to your body at the molecular level, which you can't expect to see or directly feel.

  2. The effects of vaccines are designed to be as permanent and irreversible as possible.

Is there any way you can know something is wrong after being vaccinated?

There's something 'wrong' with genetic tamperic with human beings, which most of the COVID-19 vaccines attempt. It is a tampering with our sacred code of life written by God.

Nevertheless, if you want some physicial indications if something is wrong, and assuming you don't have any unusual and noticable symptoms, here are some ideas:

  1. Many vaccinated people do poorly on the following tests:


      1. Certain specific blood tests:

        1. Immune System Blood Tests, such as White Blood Cell Differential. Video:My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone's Immune System After the 2nd Jab

        2. D-dimer test: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

      2. Microscopic blood analysis. Example article August 25, 2022: Vaccinated blood is tainted blood, study finds

      A related article with further information: Signs You Have a Spike Protein Blood Clot, and What to Do About It


      1. See if magnets will stick to you. Video: Updated Compilation Of Magnets Sticking To People's Arms: Tons Of #MagnetChallenge Videos (Magnetic Vaccine?)

      2. See if the site of vaccination glows under ultraviolet light. Example: Glow Glow From Jab Jab

      3. See if your body has a MAC address (which would suggest you've been microchipped with an EMR-emitting data transponding device). Video: Are you or anyone around you chipped with a scannable Mac address? Here's how to find out!

      4. Use an EMR (maybe electric field) meter. Videos:

What if you suspect you might be vaccine-injured?

  1. See your physician and get what relevant tests you can to determine if your health has actually gotten worse. Try to obtrain and keep a copy of these test results.

  2. Search your vaccine lot number against databases of vaccine injury (such as How Bad Is My Batch?) to see its relative harms follwoing use. You should see the number on your vaccine certificate. Some batches (or 'lots') are reported to have far more injuries associated with them than others.

    1. Nov 1, 2023: Check Your Batch No. Is Yours One With Excessive Deaths or Disabilities?

    2. Ex-Pfizer scientist Mike Yeadon claims he can prove COVID vaccine batches are materially different and pose unique risks to recipients
    3. JAB ROULETTE: Some covid “vaccine” lots found to be far deadlier than others

    4. COVER-UP: 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Were Caused by Just 5% of the Batches Produced According to Official Government Data

    5. “BATCHES” – COVID VACCINE: Manufacturers send out different batches….Here is PROOF

    6. The BIG CON GAME: The Different Vaccine Batches Listen & Learn

    7. Retired Slovenian Nurse Says 30% Of Population Getting Vaccine Placebo | Please read description for Updated Info

    8. Dr. Jane Ruby: Big Pharma companies intentionally deploying toxic batches of COVID-19 vaccine – Brighteon.TV

  3. Be aware of a possible relationship with 5G. If your vaccine(s) had graphene oxide, that might make you far more vulnerable to 5G energy, maybe with some relationship to blood clotting. See here, here, and here). Maybe you're better off with a 4G phone than a 5G one.

What if you are definitely vaccine-injured?

This is a socially bad place to be in because your existence works against the Government and medical industry narrative of vaccine safety. If they can't reclassify your diagnosis away from vaccine injury, they might show you the door. Hopefully you find someone who puts patients first.

Regardless, if there's definitely a bad medical change following vaccination:

  1. Get what medical help can.

  2. Gather what evidence you can, especially formal medical test results.

  3. Encourage reporting of the event to the government vaccine injury tracking system (which normally doesn't require that the injury be proven to be related to the vaccine, but only happened following vaccination). If your physician won't, maybe you are permitted to do it yoruself, as the patient, depending on the system.

  4. Pursue what options you can for yourself with any government vaccine injury compensation programs (usually the vaccine manufacturers are not legally liable).

    1. The Canadian One: Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP)

    2. The USA One: National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Article Nov. 26, 2023: “Litigation Floodgates are Now Open” for mRNA Vaccine Injured: Comprehensive List of 90 Attorneys Around the World Available for Lawsuits Against Vaccine Manufacturers

    3. World Health Organization: No-fault compensation programme for COVID-19 vaccines is a world first

  5. Speak to a lawyer. Although at first it was thought that COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers were legally immune, there have been new arguments chipping away at that assumption:

What if you regret being vaccinated? Is there any way out?

Yes and no. It is difficult to escape all of the changes of something put into you which was designed to cause permanent change, but nothing is impossible with God.

Here are some suggestions on how you can restore yourself to humanity:

  1. Correct the spiritual problem: Repent to God for accepting this injection, especially human alteration of His life code in you from these vaccines. This is way easier if you were physically forced to take the vaccine, in which case you are not guilty of anything, but God is merciful in any case. You may have been tricked into accepting it, but if you refuse to repent, then you still accept it.


    However fast you might want to get to physical remedies, getting the spiritual level of this situation right first is an important foundation to establish first, before shifting focus to other levels of this problem. It's also the one level you can definitely fix (because of God's love and mercy), and the one level the most long-lasting. Even at worst, if your body is lost because of the 'vaccine', at least you need not lose your soul.

  2. Fasting might help restore you on a molecular level, ie. to stimulate your body to clean out the COVID-19 spike proteins produced from the vaccination. Article Oct 27 2022: Autophagy Heals Damage from Spike Protein, Doctor Says

  3. Pray to God for Help and use His Authority if you have that kind of relationship with Him. Human science doesn't have the technology to reverse vaccination (which is another reason why we should have been cautious), but God can reverse it. That's not to say it's impossible, but to say that God can. You might start by professing that He is your saviour not 'science', and confessing that, in a crisis, you should be running to God for guidance before the clergy (scientists) of atheist science. Related video: Should the Church and State be Divided? Dreaming About the Covid Vaccine a Decade Ago. - Bernadette Smith

  4. You might also consider going to healing prayer services at your local church, but for political reasons (which shouldn't enter into the Church but apparently have), it's not common to find a minister who will pray against the vaccine.

    Nevertheless true servants of God, weilding His power, exist, but they might be in a more humble position than you'd expect. Look for very humble very prayerful people who abound in good deeds.

    You can also take your relationship with God into your own hands, by praying, especially at shrines. You might obtain water reported to have miraculous healing properties such as in Lourdes, France or in Marmora, Ontario, Canada, or many other holy places.

  5. There are reasons to hope and you must not lose hope. There might be a breakthrough in our medical tools, and definitely God can do anything (even death is not an obstacle for His healing). Don't lose hope. Start with God.

Working to Warn Others

If you've been vaccine harmed, maybe you can be physically saved and maybe you can't, but sharing your experience might prevent others from being harmed. You might try:

Anything Else?

  1. Unfortunately at least some COVID-19 vaccines are rumoured to have introduced into people's bodies a 5G-activated delivery system of something worse, like Marburg virus, which might be lying dormant now waiting to be activated by the right signal. It's worth listening to the last video of recently-deceased Dr. Rashid Battar.

  2. If you had promises broken about vaccine safety or effectiveness, don't forget to hold those people accountable, at least to deter them from doing the same thing again. Don't be angry at those who are not responsible for what was done to you.

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