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CURRENT ADVISORY for 29 June, 2024:

Overall Life-on-Earth Condition Code (Opinion): CODE RED: Ongoing Genocide, Threats of World War, and so much more!

Overall From-the-Beginning Human Condition (Opinion and Advisory):

God originally supplied Humanity with a position of abundance. The Earth is very rich in all resources we need. Humans were given control of it and ingenuity and the ability to pass our inventions and infrastructure down to future generations. Moreover the natural world is also beautiful, in a diversity of ways, such that many people still travel just to behold it. It shouldn't have taken us long to estalish ongoing abundance for everyone and make the world something of a paradise for all, and in harmony with the other living co-inhabitants of Earth.

Despite that abundance, Humanity has become ungrateful and spiteful towards our Creator, even to claim He doesn’t exist, while actively defying His will and design.

Even so, He has mostly withheld His hand from directly punishing us as a species, such that the original abundance is still largely available for us.

The spiritual enemies of God and Humanity have taken our decadence as their opportunity and have gained widespread control of the World with human cooperation both explicit and implicit. Through human partners they seem to control the most influential organizations in all sectors of society. They work towards destroying and/or enslaving humanity, including the longstanding manufacture of war, scarcity, and runaway taxation, and now seem to be pressing towards a one world government system of extreme oppression and surveillance. Their primary tool of control is deception, especially lies so big that that its believers will resist the truth, even if they hear it, because it’s just too different. This has been allowed to grow for so long that now the amount of deceptions and attacks they have crafted, not only for humanity and life in general, are so numerous it is difficult to keep track of, and so dire there are many each one of which could mean the end of Humanity as we know it if not life on Earth (we still struggle to write as many articles as there are types of threats!).

The Majority of Humanity still follows the Establishment, from which they derive their education, social status (for which they compete), and sense of security (especially money). They believe rights and freedoms come only from the Establishment. They see critics as a threat to humanity, and hate evidence, preferring to evaluate truth by trust of official sources, so that even if were so fooled, they would not be blamed by Society. They generally do not object to any evil which does not seem to directly affect them (thereby allowing many evils to become established in legal precedent), and even if given a free (uncoerced) choice, they tend to cowardly choose what they recognize as evil if it's presented with another option they see as more evil.

This persistent choice for evil, and failure to object to it, is what keeps Humanity in guilt before God, and keeps God reluctant to save us from the grand decpetions we are almost trapped in.

It's so bad that even genocide (in Gaza) is defended now, even by the Religious, and rather than supply peace negoatiators, the only direct physical intervention into the conflict by the World has been to supply more bombs to stoke the massacre. Even the deliberate obstruction of aid trucks from reaching hungry people is not seen as an unacceptable wrong by the Majority.

There is one crack of light in the situation, but so narrrow that to find the light, it takes deliberate pressing by the individual. To mitigate their moral responsibiltiy, the Evil must allow the Public some access to the truth, which they seem to allow in only the most disrespected ways possible. The aim is for the truth to be available but for Humanity to turn from it. In this way, the spiritual Evil, and their human partners, can say claim no responsibility because Humanity chose the lie despite the truth being available.

As for those who still love God and Humanity, unfortunately most of them have been lead away from meaningful activism by belief systems which teach that this world is supposed to be ruined: they do nothing to help, believing the ruin to be God's will somehow, and wait for their reward for doing nothing to help.

For those who are willing to stand up for right, it's not easy for them to know what it is, usually because the information they trust is distorted in some important way, and because they refuse to hear independent voices equally. Many of them have been lead into supporting the wrong side thinking it is the right one. In fact, when participation in war is justified by Government, it's often been done on some distortion of truth, in presenting the matter to the Public, to portray the other side as more wrong than they truly are. Even independent sharers of truth have usually shown themselves unwilling to present deeper than a certain level of truth for unclear reasons.

For the Deep Minority of Humans who love God and humanity, and truth (as we do), and seek not only our own salvation but that of Humanity, and not just salvation in the next life but for this world, it’s a difficult position to be in. We advise: support presenters who are willing and able to present the truth down to the deepest levels, evaluate the truth based ONLY on evidence (NEVER on trust NOR on repetition), be willing to accept truth however shocking if it is supported by evidence, share the truth with who will listen, always publicly object to evil where you have a right to say, and pray as much as possible. We need to keep hope that we can win to keep winning possible. At worst, if we cannot save the World, it will not be because we didn't try, and when it's all over, we will surely rest in peace: our duty being done.

Chronic Life-on-Earth Crises (actually happening now as a result of socially accepted conditions):

  1. Worldwide Abortion Rate: 153,000 per day (source:

  2. Human deaths due to Starvation: 18,904 deaths per day (source:

  3. Worldwide Civilian Death Rate directly caused by Armed Conflict: 27.4 deaths per day (source:

  4. Worldwide Animal Death Rate due to Slaughter for food by Humans: 153 million per day (source:

Acute Life-on-Earth Crises (actually happening now as a result of socially unaccepted conditions):

  1. Ukraine-Russia War: Devastating now to the people of that area, and can easily escalate to NATO-Russia 'world' war.

  2. Israel-Gaza War: Devastating now to the people of that area, ie. total genocide, and can easily escalate to Middle East-based 'world' war.

  3. Sudan civil war: Although not directly attacked, tens of millions of civilians facing famine due to the armed conflict.

Our Condition (

We have much more truth to share, but we are struggling to share it. Many articles here remain unwritten or need more complete updating and we are sorry about that deficiency. We are currently suffering dire shortage of time, energy, and especially income to continue this work the way it deserves. We have planted seeds in this regard but they have not grown as we had hoped yet. We are not far from homelessness. We are under direct pressure to stop our good work. We ask no money but please pray for us. We don't know any other single source on the Internet willing to reveal as many topics as deeply as we at least want to.


We find that the most fundamental organization in sharing and receiving truth is level of awareness which both the presenter and the viewer are aware of or willing to exchange information on. Presenters may not be aware of deeper levels, may not be willing to share information on them, or the audience many not be willing or psychologically ready to 'go there', ie. to receive information on deeper levels fairly.

For such convenience, to not shock people until and unless they are ready, we have divided topics according to what level of awareness you want to deal with.

Following that division, topics are divided in the polarity of how they impact life on Earth.

Unfortunately for the workload of good activists, ultimately all levels need to be dealt with, but can be dealt with fairly (not perfectly) effectively independently of higher levels.

We recommend don't even bother trying to share truth more than one level deeper than the level the audience is on. It can take years for the mind to be ready for the shock, and to try to rush that can be disastrous.

Unfortunately many topic pages are still unwritten. If so, please use the title heading as a clue to do your own research, at least for now. As they say, even a single word is sufficient to the Wise.

Please don't interpret the rainbow colouring here as a sign of support for the LGBT movement; it is only used below as a way to help show separate categories of information.

Awareness-Level 0: Problems in the World are only caused by people thinking about problems.

In this mode of thinking, news is better ignored, no topics are worth thinking about except immediate pleasure, and whistleblowers and other revealers of problems are the greatest threat of all.

Many major religions, as poularly interpreted, support this mindset, on a promise a great eternal reward for maybe believing something, but no requirement to actually do anything to change the direction of society.

If this is the level you're on, and you love it, this isn't the website for you. Please just leave.

Level 0 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


Level 0 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Awareness-Level 1: Our Social System is Great and the only Threat is physical or mental outsider: foreign nations, foreign political systems, people who refuse vaccinnation, and those who share information which counters official narratives.

Since this level is already the focus of Government and mainstream media sources, we don't plan to publish much on it here.

Level 1 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


Level 1 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Awareness-Level 2: Our Social System is Corrupt but can be fixed by making the right choices for options which the system allows us, such as by electing the other established political party or candidate.

This is a dominant revelation-level of the mainstream alternative media. It is not without merit: certainly it is extremely important to make the right choices when you are given the choice.

Level 2 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


Level 2 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Awareness-Level 3: Near the top levels, our Society is conspiracy for profit of elites, ie. of Cororations especially Banks and maybe certain Identifiable Social Groups, through infiltration of Established Political Parties and Government agencies, and influence of politicians and Mainstream Media

In such a view, it would take at least tremendous support for a radically different political party to fix it: a narrow yet system-provided chance at escape.

A minority of the alternative media operates on his level.

Level 3 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):

This level of threeat is capable of killing without remorse.


Level 3 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Awareness-Level 4: This awareness is that, at the high levels, our societ is fundamentally against the People towards the benefit of certain unidentifiable (secret society) groups of humans who orchestrate it for their power more than profit.

This is usually the deepest level of awareness which the Alternative Media will report, and even then not stick with to a conclusion.

Level 4 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):

This level of threat is capable of truly sick things beyond killing, in an attempt to partner with demonic entities.


Level 4 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

  • Private Cryptocurrencies (article in development)

Awareness-Level 5: Our Social System is fundamentally against the People, even to the comprehensive ruin of humanity, towards the benefit of advanced non-humans who work through human servants who lead our societies.

Very few alternative media sources ever go to this level. It is extremely rare that even those who do discuss at this level have any significant evidence to present.Nevertheless some evidence does exist, and it is not easy to intelligently dismiss except by its rarity.

Level 5 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


  • Other Non-Human Biological Intelligent Life (article in development)

Level 5 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Awareness-Level 6: The World Teaches Lies. Big Ones.

Level 6 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):

  • Virology [external link to video, for now]
  • Vaccines (in general) [article to external webpage, for now]
  • Psychiatry [external link to video, for now]

    • The Globe Earth Model
    • Dinosaurs (for now please see external videos here and here)
    • Mudfossils (please see Mud Fossil University for now)
    • History (profound; article in development)
    • Antarctica (profound; article in development)
    • Santa Claus (article in development)

    Level 6 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

    Awareness-Level 7: What Is Reality?

    At first it would seem that reality is whoever or whatever you trust indicates it is. Is there more to it than that?

    Level 7 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


    • Virtual Reality (article in development)

    Level 7 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

    Awareness-Level 8: Eternity

    Level 8 GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


    • The Afterlife
    • God the Supreme Being (article in development)
    • Jesus Christ (article in development)

    Level 8 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

    • Prayer and Miracles
    • Surrender to God (in development)
    • Humility (in development)
    • Relationship with God (in development)
    • Talent (in development)

    How to Respond:

    1. Take some responsibility for the state of the world around you.

    2. Never invoke your religion as an excuse not to care about any issue.

    3. Seek the truth in all issues which touch your responsibility. Truth does not change and is your reliable guide to critical distinctions in deciding issues, such as: what is immoral, what is illegal, what is safe, and who is wrong in the situation. Be informed.

    4. Be willing to hear truth presentations from all sources (except only from clear enemies due to their known intent). Never shut your ears to presentations of truth on important topics arbitrarily.

    5. Evaluate truth on evidence and eyewitness testimony never repetition nor Presenter credentials. Do not arbitrarily exclude any evidence, nor endorse any model which does not explain all of the evidence. Be willing to accept the model which best explains the evidence, no matter how uncomfortable.

    6. Evaluate morality on a testing for harms to all conceivable parties including God and animals.

    7. Keep morality the first priority in your decisions as an eternal security, assuming it is based on truth.

    8. Insist to know at least the history and the perspective of both sides of any situation before forming any opinion on it.

    9. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into giving support for emergency powers, war, other killing, or other abuse or restriction of anyone until you are sure you understand the situation well enough to take personal moral responsiblity for that support.

    10. Record, preserve and share evidence of the truth with those who are interested for the right reasons, while allowing them to form their own opinions on it.

    11. Use what legal and peaceful forms of activism which your Social system provides you, such as writing your political representatives.

    12. Use prayer as an available force for change which does not depend on Establishment cooperation to work.

    13. Object to evil, directly, if you have any right of say at all on the matter.

    14. Reject rule by any enemies of humanity or their servants.

    15. Recognize and oppose dangerous or destructive legislation or policies.

    16. Support the Innocent in need.

    17. Support activists for good.

    18. Preserve the good passed on from prior generations.

    19. Improve the plight of future generations.

    20. Support absolute freedom of speech.

    21. Support direct democracy (where the People decide each issue separately).

    22. Encourage joy but never at the cost of truth nor deafness to the Innocent.

    23. Be prepared for adversity.

    24. Be prepared to sacrifice whatever good requires.

    Petitions Worth Signing:

    Admittedly, signing petitions have weak political force, but not no force, and for the time (usually instant), money (usually free), and effort (usually a click) required, they are an extremely cost-efficient way to make a difference and get yourself on the right side of history.

    1. Anti-Globalism:

    2. Pro-Peace / Anti-War

    3. Pro-Life

    4. Anti-Vaccine or Pro Medical Freedom:

    5. Animal Rights/Welfare:

    6. Anti LGBT-Encroachment:

    7. Gun Rights:

    About Us:

    OUR MISSION: To find, collect, and present evidence on issues of most impact to life on Earth, in a way which enables action. Our definition of 'life' for this purpose includes spiritual, human, and animal forms, but with an emphasis on human.

    THE NEED FOR TRUTH: A careful pursuit of truth is always important before intervening on any issue, lest even the best-intentioned intervention unwittingly serve immoral or unwise action. Worse, the 'forces of evil' seem to have learned that it's legally and spiritually better for them to oppress us not by force, but by our own consent, which requires heavily misinforming us so that we unwittingly choose our enslavement and/or destruction. Perhaps never before has humanity needed evidence-based truth so desperately and in so many topics.

    OUR VALUE PREMISE: We've found typical news sources presenting fragmentary information as it emerges and this is not suitable to maintain an understanding of important topics. For those of us who insist to understand issues clearly before taking a side on them, we actually need someone to collect these fragments of evidence on each topic into a summary of evidence on each topic. Only when we have such a summary can we see the overall picture, can we present topics to others, and do we have a proper foundation to form an opinion or take action. As an analogy, if you see a news report every day that someone was shot in your city, assuming the Police attend to each case, it's not clear that there is any bigger issue to act on. However if, by collecting the reports together, you see that half of those shootings are from just one neighbourhood, an actionable truth emerges: that neighbourhood needs extra police presence. Similarly, if you notice occasional reports of military killing civilians, it might seem like scattered unfortunate misjudgments. When you collect many reports like that together, however, it can look like deliberate genocide.

    OUR LIMITATION: At this stage, this is only a labour of love, updated as personal time and energy permits, despite pressures including attacks on our good work. We are likely to fall behind in updating current topics, but even then we hope to maintain key evidence and resources for you to understand the truth. Many articles remain unwritting; wwe have also taken the unusual step of presenting a list of unwritten articles (below) so that visitors can investigate topics for themselves in the meantime from other sources.

    ANONYMITY: Since we do this for free, and we want to make sure we are never doing this for pride or personal gain, we see no benefit and only risk to revealing our identity. For this reason, we prefer to remain anonymous, at least for now.

    If you feel like you want to protect your privacy in visiting our website, we recommend tips such as: directing your internet browser to connect to us with https (rather than http), using a private browser window, using a VPN or proxy website, or using a privacy-defensive browser such as the TOR browser. Internet privacy is an issue which is much bigger than just visiting our website, so hopefully you thought of it already.

    Dedication: This website is dedicated to Jesus Christ in pursuit of uncompromising evidence-based prayer-assisted truth for the best available protection of all life. We are even willing to venture outside of conventional Christian theology for this purpose.

    Our Support: We ask no donation, nor any purchase from Sponsors, and although we welcome prayer support, primarily we ask that you use the information we provide to do something to protect life on Earth (our sharing of information with you is, in effect, an investment in your own activism).

    Caution: Before you set out in action, we encourage you to download and save your own copy of related evidence which interests you. Critical evidence is not only your foundation for action, but a foundation for the entire activist Movement of that topic, and it needs protection for future generations of activists by being stored in many differet places.

    Other 'Threat' Articles in Development:

    • NATO-Russia War
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI, article in development)
    • This is to participate in the invention or perpetration of a threat or harm, but blame some other force for it, for some gain for yourself. Usually the gain is pretext to openly attack another party (including your own People, such as their human rights, ostensibly to protect them). Usually the initial incident involeves attacking (or conspicuously failing to defend) your own innocents to their real harm. It's generally done on a national level, where immorality has become so much more accepted, but if it was done on an individual level, it would be like: murdering someone, then blaming your own innocent son for doing it, and then executing him yourself. It is difficult to imagine something more evil, yet the horror of our society today is that this practice has become common enough to be considered a standard military tactic.Examples:

      • Titanic (article in development)
      • WWI: Sinking of the Lusitania (article in development)
      • WWII: Pearl Harbour (article in development)
      • USS Liberty (article in development)
      • Vietnam War (article in development)
      • Challenger (article in development)
      • 2001 '9/11' Attacks and Invasion of Afghanistan (article in development)
      • WMD and Invasion of Iraq (article in development)
      • Boston Bombing (article in development)
      • Sandy Hook (article in development)
      • Las Vegas shooting (article in development)
      • Orlando Nightclub shooting(article in development)
      • Paris Attacks (article in development)
    • Genocide
    • War (Generally)
    • Power Grid Failure (article in development)
    • Cancellation
    • Normalization (article in development)
    • Unconditional Oaths
    • Suicide including Euthanasia
    • Confiscation (article in development)
    • Cannibal Capitalism (article in development)
    • Debt (article in development)
    • Child Trafficking and Exploitation [article in development]
    • Roman Catholic Church (article in development)
    • Mass-Kill Switches [article in development]
    • The OCCUPATION of Humanity (article in development)
    • Paradigm Deception (article in development)
    • Deception by Government (article in development)
    • Missing Persons (article in development)
    • The Human Farm (article in development)
    • Public and Support Service Secrecy
    • Hunger (article in development)
    • Holywood (article in development)
    • Runaway Taxation (article in development)
    • Religious Organization Submission to Government (article in development)
    • Atheism (article in development)
    • Theory Evolution by Natural Selection as Self-Creation of Life (article in development)
    • Rent and Bills

    • Permanent or Precedent-Setting Suspension of Democracy in surrender to Fear

    • Permanent or Precedent-Setting Sacrifice of Human Rights in surrender to Fear

    • Mandating Irreversible and Risky Medical Treatments for Other Humans at their Risk

    • Borrowing from Future Generations in Public Deficits (article in development)
    • Infant Circumcision [article in development]
    • Destructive Misallocation of Public Resources (article in development)
    • News Media Corruption (article in development)
    • Government-Facilitated Terrorism [article in development]
    • A World Ruled by Psychopaths (page in develpment)
    • GMO and Profane Food (article in development)
    • Medical Tyranny (article in development; generally; for COVID-19 please see our page for that specifically, below)
    • Artificial Sweeteners [article in development]
    • Squandering of Technology (article in development)
    • Embezzlement (article in development)
    • Corruption of Law Creation
    • Corruption of Law Enforcement
    • Election Corruption (article in development)
    • Government Emergency Powers (article in development)
    • Human Rights Legal Cancellability (article in development)
    • Human Rights Legal Suspendability (article in development)
    • Fiat Currency (article in development)
    • Fractional Reserve Banking
    • Lawfare (article in development)
    • Trust in Science Community over Scientific Method (article in development)
    • Collectivism (article in development)
    • Assassination of President Kennedy (article in development)
    • Executive Order 6102 (article in development)
    • SMART technology (article in development)
    • Cloning (article in development)
    • Genetic Engineering and Corruption (article in development)
    • Nuclear Energy (article in development)
    • Theft (article in development)
    • Murder including Unsolved Murder (article in development)
    • Scams (article in development)
    • Misues of Freedoms (article in development)
    • Species Extinction (article in development)
    • Ozone Layer Destruction (article in development)
    • Super-Volcano Eruption (article in development)
    • Toxins in Water, Food, and Environment:
    • Some of them are deliberately added, being promoted as good things, though rarely discussed.

      This is where environmental focus should be: removing the clear threats, rather than focusing on nebulous ones.

      1. Glyphosate (article in development)
      2. Mercury (article in development)
      3. Graphene (article in development)
    • Flood (article in development)
    • Storms (article in development)
    • Earthquakes (article in development)
    • Pollution (article in development)
    • Deforestation (article in development)
    • Narcotic Abuse (in development)
    • The Mark and the Beast (Page in Development)
    • Asset Forfeiture (Page in Development)
    • Flaws in Good Activism (Page in Development)
    • Unholy Holidays (Page in Development)
    • Magic Tricks (Page in Development)
    • The Cube (Page in Development)
    • False Choice (Page in Development)
    • Satanism (Page in Development)
    • Marijuana (article in development)
    • Unemployment (article in development)
    • Misconstrued Veteran Rememberance Days (article in development)
    • Sanctions (article in development)
    • Pornography (article in development)
    • Feminism (article in development)
    • Inequality (article in development)
    • Consent (article in development)
    • Mis-Forgiveness (article in development)
    • Corrupted Marriage (article in development)
    • Depopulation (article in development)
    • Entertainment (article in development)
    • Time (article in development)
    • Mass Migration (article in development)
    • Business (article in development)
    • Electric Vehicles (article in development)
    • Pedophilia (article in development)
    • Biological Weapons [article in development]
    • Food Toxification (article in development)
    • Domestic Terrorism [article in development]
    • War Crimes [article in development]
    • Domestic Fire
    • Cyber Attack (article in development)
    • Mistreatment of Prisoners
    • Legal Bargains & Immunity (article in development)
    • Criminal (in)Justice System (article in development)
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (article in development)
    • Lucifarianism (article in development)
    • Social Division (article in development)
    • Religious & Conscience Persecution (article in development)
    • Smoking
    • Alcohol
    • Narcotics
    • Hacking
    • Worship of Money (article in development)
    • Worship of Celebrities (article in development)
    • Impersonation (article in development)
    • Moving On (article in development)
    • Miseducation (article in development)
    • Trusting Experts (article in development)
    • Sellout Clergy (article in development)
    • Character Assassination (article in development)
    • Option Limiting (article in development)
    • Redefinition (article in development)
    • Excessive Fiction (article in development)
    • Variable Prices (article in development)
    • Unfair Fees (article in development)
    • Poverty (article in development)
    • Distraction (article in development)
    • Authoritarianism
    • Corruption of Law Enforcement (article in development)
    • Corruption of Law Design (article in development)
    • Corruption of Education (article in development)
    • Corruption of Charities (article in development)
    • Corruption of Obedience (article in development)
    • Corruption of Television (article in development)
    • Corruption of Computing (article in development)
    • Ingratitude (article in development)
    • Entrapment (article in development)
    • Homelessness (article in development)
    • Disparity between Funding for Good versus Evil Initiatives (article in development)
    • Failures of Human Nature (article in development)
    • Sexual Perversion (article in development)
    • Welfare State (article in development)
    • Government Dictatorship (in development)
  • Government Solvency (article in development)
  • Government Infiltration (article in development)
  • Hate
  • Cancer (article in development)
  • Heart Disease & Stroke (article in development)
  • Diabetes (article in development)
  • Infertility (article in development)
  • Other 'Misunderstanding' Articles in Development:

    • Consciousness (profound; article in development)
    • Intelligent Plants (article in development)
    • Others' Sufficiency (article in development)
    • Measures of Success (article in development)
    • Measures of Success (article in development)
    • Nuclear Weapons (article in development)
    • Communism Scare (article in development)
    • Origin of Life by Natural Selection (article in development)
    • N.A.S.A. and Corruption of Space Exploration (article in development)
    • Mass Delusion (article in development)
    • The Enemy (article in development)
    • Government-directed Kidnapping, Torture, and/or Assassination (article in development)
    • Reckless Models of Salvation (article in development)
    • Archaeology and Human History (article in development)
    • Diverse Immigration (article in development)
    • The Bermuda Triangle (article in development)
    • Disappearance (article in development)
    • Hitler's Supposed Death

    Other 'Solution' Articles in Development:

    • MIRACLES (in development)
    • CURES (in development)
    • Self-Sufficiency (in development)
    • Homeschooling (in development)
    • Civilian Wartime Immunity (in development)
    • Truth (in development)
    • Morality (in development)
    • Awareness (in development)
    • Self-Improvement (in development)
    • Repentance (in development)
    • Peacefulness (in development)
    • Adoption (in development)
    • Nutrition (in development)
    • Self-Employment (in development)
    • Gardening (in development)
    • Tithing (in development)
    • Correct Identification of Good and Evil (article in development)
    • The Most Victimised (article in development)
    • Human Rights (article in development)
    • National Defense (article in development)
    • Biodiversity (in development)
    • Health (in development)
    • Deterrence (article in development
    • Family (in development)
    • Pineal Gland (in development)
    • Low-Cost Energy (in development)
    • Good Neighbours (in development)
    • Homesteading (in development)
    • Savings (in development)

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    1. World Economic Forum

    2. George Soros

    3. Bill Gates

    4. British Crown

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    1. Centralised Media (article in development)

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    GLOBAL-LIFE THREAT BOARD (in our opinion, as of...) **IN DEVELOPMENT**
    Direct Threat to Typical Western Individuals
    (in decreasing urgency)
    Common Myth Reality Chance to Happen When It Can Happen How Long it Could Last Personal Dangers this Event could Introduce How to Prevent How to Prepare
    Electrical Grid Interruption
    Local Internaltional War Effects
    Banking Crisis

    Links to Other Interesting Websites:

    1. Greensides.Farm
    2. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve
    3. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
    4. Faith of the Eternal Parent (under construction)
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