Truth for Action

CURRENT ADVISORY (as of 11 November, 2023):

GLOBAL LIFE CONDITION CODE: CODE RED -- Critical Semi-Conscious Threats!:

There are multiple immediate global threats to humanity now, and yet many people seem to think they should be ignored while we go on with our normal lives:

  1. Internationally Accepted Genocide: A feature of the 2023 Israel-Hamas war is that Israel, in retaliation for 7 October Hamas attacks, is ignoring their longstanding support of Hamas over the PLO, portraying Gazans are collectively responsible for Hamas (even though they haven't been permitted an election for 17 years), and exterminating them through a combination of seige blockade and seemingly indiscriminate bombing (with only the occasional and unsubstantiated claim that Hamas was in the area). This is terror and death for the local civilians, and where this becomes a threat for all of humanity is in the failure of most of the international community to acknowledge and reject this behaviour as genocide.

  2. International Nuclear War: The the Ukraine War, the 2023 Israel-Hamas war, and China's interest in Taiwan all risk global nuclear war and soon. In the first two, the shooting is on for some time now, and it's very easy to see how they can escalate at any time through other nations getting involved, and nuclear weapons getting used. We've never been this close to nuclear war since World War 2, and to be honest, this multi-front scenario is much more dangerous than the single-front scenarios most people imagined for starting World War 3: it's like a super World War 3.

  3. Local Effects: Unlike previous wars far away, which stayed far away, the chance of these wars having local effects in all of the West is high. For one thing, in our global economy, a disruption anywhere is a problem everywhere else (for example, the Ukraine war was blamed for inflation). Moreover, in many cases local infrastructure has not been hardened (made resilient to attack) and is vulnerable to many kinds of attack including terror groups who may be secretly present domestically. Worst, today's long-range missiles make it very easy for wars far away to mean strikes on our own local soil, if we are seen as an enemy, and unfortunately missile attack technology has outpaced missile defense technology. In particular, the electrical grid of certain Western nations is very fragile and, if something bad happens, can take a stunningly long time to fix (months to years).

  4. World Hunger is especially severe lately.

  5. Deliberate Abortion is still killing many millions of children annnually, and usually with Public approval.

  6. Animal Exploitation is still torturing and killing billions of animals annualy, despite that we don't have any real need to do this.

Tragically, despite the tremendous harm and danger, the General Public in the West isn't being lead to recognize it, or object, or prepare, but to continue shopping and pleasure-seeking.

We recommend the following:

  1. Reduce your use of virtual forms of reality. Develop your reality not leave it.

  2. Keep abreast of diverse sources of news daily.

  3. Educate yourself on issues of importance to life on Earth, no matter how hidden.

  4. Pray for improvement in these issues.

  5. Spread evidence of that truth with those willing to listen.

  6. Officially object to evil initiatives which you have a right of say over, at least to get yourself on the right side of history.

  7. Support good initiatives, such as aid and rights groups working in the needed physical or topic areas, or your own initiatives. Everyone has a good purpose in this life assigned from the Creator; try to fulfill yours.

  8. Thoroughly prepare your affairs for adversity. Although our Governments tend to build military infrastructure with resilience, civilian infrastructure usually is not built with that level of care. Value preparations which can save life as a good use of money. Prepare based on risks rather than based on whether or not other people are preparing: if you wait for an official announcment of an emergency or everyone else to be in a panic to prepare, you probably won't be able to get much of anything at a reasonable price. Anything good is better than nothing. Include some extra which you can share.

  9. Adopt a homeless pet if you can accommodate one. Animals make good companions, they are usually cheap to support, and they serve a role in alerting you to intruders.

GLOBAL THREATS (Against Life):


GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (to Protect Life)

Class I: Threats of Global Life Extinction

Class II: Threats of Socially-Accepted Direct Harm to Innocents:

Class III: Threats Otherwise Against Health or Life Supports:

Class IV: Threats Against Truth:

These are dire threats because, being deceived, humanity would tend to choose wrong even if given the choice.

Class V: Threats Against Rights and Freedoms:

Class VI: Threats by War and Murderous Selfishness

Class VII: Threats by Decadence:

Class VIII: Threats of Judgment:

  1. Afterlife Indifference

  2. The Culture of Death [Updated!}

  3. The COVID-19 Crisis (2020 - 2023?):

  4. The Globe Earth Model [New!}

  5. Poorly-Designed Religion

  6. The Pseudo-Religion of Positivity

  1. Prayer:

  2. Our main page on this is in development, but we'll write a few paragraphs right here because it is crucial that no one underestimate the importance of prayer, especially in humanity's current situation.

    At present, it is our perception that however free humanity is taught that we are, we are actually grossly deceived and enslaved, and the tools we have been provided with by the System to effect change, as a matter of their design, do not actually afford us any realistic opportunity to do so. For example, although it is morally required to object to wrongs you have some say over, no matter the size of petitions or protestts they can simply be ignored and usually are; neither are the people you elect obligated to keep their promises to you and it's common for them to do the exact opposite. Similarly, even most legislation protecting human rights has a clause in it somewhere which the Government can use at its discretion to override any of those same rights at any time. The Establishment has tremendous advantages, including arbitrary abiltiy to rewrite laws, arbitrary direction and discretion of law enforcement, and discretion for effecitvely unlimited spending on the public cost or credit.

    The only tool we know about which is widely available, impossible to stop, and yet very effective if used properly, is prayer. Prayer is not merely a last resort to make yourself feel better but a supremely powerful tool when done persistently and wholeheartedly. Underestimation of the power of this tool is the only weakness. Prayer alone has raised the dead, created food, changed regimes, and caused missiles to return to their sender. There is no issue which cannot be solved by prayer alone (although it is improper to call on God for help in those things you can easily do for yourself). With prayer you can never be disabled: even silent prayer alone is effective.

    When prayer is the foremost thing you rely on, only then you are on solid ground.

    At this time we encourage wholehearted prayer for the following:

    1. A protection of innocent civilians everywhere. Some would say children, but we see all lives as valuable so we might as well include everyone.

    2. A victory of truth in society.

    3. A victory of wisdom in society.

    4. A victory of peace in society.

    5. Righteous government.

    6. A value and protection of the pre-born (human children).

    7. A compassion for animals.

    8. A support for good initiatives of all kinds.

  3. Your Creator-Assigned Individual Life Purpose

  4. Love [incomplete presentation]

  5. Charity and Sharing

  6. Fasting

  7. Preparedness

  8. Citizen Gun Ownership

  9. The Freedom Cell Network

What Can We Do About It?

  1. Our Permanent Recommendations for Activism for Life:

    1. Oppose immorality in your own life, everything you have charge over, and every public issue you have a right of say over. Vote and actually write your elected officials. Immorality is not only a major problem at your Final Judgment in the Afterlife, but it is the spiritual foundation which many horrors in this life ultimately rely on, and cannot ultimately exist without, including immoral government.

    2. Pray, which is the primary tool of good activism: supremely available and powerful to those with faith enough.

    3. Be concerned beyond your own life, as to what's happening in the larger world. Too many people seem to live as though ignorance is the best policy, as though focus on your own cabin is the only thing that matters even if the ship is sinking, and/or as though broad issues will always take care of themselves in a way which you don't need to bother with. If we look at the regions of the world struck by disasters, we can see that the smaller picture you might want to focus on depends tremendously on what's happening in the bigger picture, so much so that refusal to care about issues beyond what immediately and directly affects your personal life is tantamount to suicide.

    4. Be meticulous to research your perception of truth before getting involved in any issue. Evil has a tendency to try to dupe activists to enter issues on the morally wrong side, and many risky decisions are put by experts for individuals to shoulder at their own risk. To not have the truth can be lethal, and to deliberately refuse the truth can be suicide. As the Holy Bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” (Hosea 4:6 KJV)

    5. Prepare for adversity. It's amazing how fast supplies can be cut off by regional powers, attacks, or other disasters. Don't expect the Government to rush to help you: your own life is considered your own responsibiltiy. Put a value on life-preserving reserves and equipment, even if you might not ever use it.

    6. Help innocents in need. One day it can be you, and it's to your eternal credit regardless. If you are wealthy, this is usually God permits you to have wealth for.

    7. Build your relationship with God. Never forget that this is your only eternal security.

  2. Our Current Recommandations of Crises to Prepare For (with Tips How to):

  3. (Last Updated: 4 December, 2023)

    Unfortunately there is only so much time before a society which not only legalizes but supports deliberate abortion, and not only permitts but supplies weapons for genocide, has consequences coming their way on a spiritual level. This cannot be stopped without widespread social repentance, but it can be prepared for. Of course, due to the spiritual mechanisms of this danger, no preparation but repentance can save you for long if you are evil. However, for good people living in a wicked society, your preparation is a medium through which God can work to support your life through the crisis.

    1. Death: Always be ready for this, because it can come at any time even without a global disaster. Break out of mentalities which keep you focused only on this life. Get yourself right with your Creator. Finish what you're supposed to be doing in this life. Make a Will (and maybe a power of attorney conditional on your mental disability), at least to protect your dependents, and help them know where key things are or how they operate. Prepare something which will pay out quickly and without probate to help your Estate cashflow in the early stages if necessary.

    2. Banking Collapse and/or Hyper-Inflation: maybe some in-hand hard assets? discuss with your financial advisor

    3. Nuclear War: prepare provisions (water, salt, medicines, and non-perishable food) and a radio in an underground area (basement) as a potential fallout shelter

    4. Power Grid Failure: prepare a generator, fuel, water, salt, medicines, and non-perishable food, radio

    5. Supply Chain Collapse: store non-perishable food

    6. Future Social Restrictions

  4. Our Related Articles:

Petitions Worth Signing:

Admittedly, signing petitions have weak political force, but not no force, and for the time (usually instant), money (usually free), and effort (usually a click) required, they are an extremely cost-efficient way to make a difference and get yourself on the right side of history.

PERSONAL THREAT BOARD (in our opinion, as of...) **IN DEVELOPMENT**
Direct Threat to Typical Western Individuals
(in decreasing urgency)
Common Myth Reality Chance to Happen When It Can Happen How Long it Could Last Personal Dangers this Event could Introduce How to Prevent How to Prepare
Electrical Grid Interruption
Local Internaltional War Effects
Banking Crisis

Other 'Threat' Articles in Development:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI, page in development)


  • This is to participate in the invention or perpetration of a threat or harm, but blame some other force for it, for some gain for yourself. Usually the gain is pretext to openly attack another party (including your own People, such as their human rights, ostensibly to protect them). Usually the initial incident involeves attacking (or conspicuously failing to defend) your own innocents to their real harm. It's generally done on a national level, where immorality has become so much more accepted, but if it was done on an individual level, it would be like: murdering someone, then blaming your own innocent son for doing it, and then executing him yourself. It is difficult to imagine something more evil, yet the horror of our society today is that this practice has become common enough to be considered a standard military tactic.Examples:

    • Titanic (page in development)

    • WWI: Sinking of the Lusitania (page in development)

    • WWII: Pearl Harbour (page in development)

    • USS Liberty (page in development)

    • Vietnam War (page in development)

    • Challenger (page in development)

    • 2001 '9/11' Attacks and Invasion of Afghanistan (page in development)

    • WMD and Invasion of Iraq (page in development)

    • Boston Bombing (page in development)

    • Sandy Hook (page in development)

    • Las Vegas shooting (page in development)

    • Orlando Nightclub shooting(page in development)

    • Paris Attacks (page in development)

  • Genocide

  • War (Generally)

  • Power Grid Failure (page in development)

  • Unconditional Oaths

  • Suicide including Euthanasia

  • Virtual Reality (page in development)

  • Cannibal Capitalism (page in development)

  • Debt (page in development)

  • Psychiatry (page in development)

  • Virology (page in development)

  • Child Trafficking and Exploitation [page in development]

  • The Serpents (page in development)

  • Roman Catholic Church (page in development)

  • The Mandela Effect (page in development)

  • Mass-Kill Switches [page in development]

  • The OCCUPATION of Humanity (page in development)

  • Paradigm Deception (page in development)

  • Deception by Government (page in development)

  • Missing Persons (page in development)

  • The Human Farm (page in development)

  • Public and Support Service Secrecy

  • Hunger (page in development)

  • Holywood (page in development)

  • Runaway Taxation (page in development)

  • Religious Organization Submission to Government (page in development)

  • Atheism (page in development)

  • Theory Evolution by Natural Selection as Self-Creation of Life (page in development)

  • Rent and Bills

  • Permanent or Precedent-Setting Suspension of Democracy in surrender to Fear

  • Permanent or Precedent-Setting Sacrifice of Human Rights in surrender to Fear

  • Mandating Irreversible and Risky Medical Treatments for Other Humans at their Risk

  • Borrowing from Future Generations in Public Deficits (page in development)

  • Infant Circumcision [page in development]

  • Vaccines (in general) [page in development]

  • Destructive Misallocation of Public Resources (page in development)

  • News Media Corruption (page in development)

  • Government-Facilitated Terrorism [page in development]

  • A World Ruled by Psychopaths (page in develpment)

  • GMO and Profane Food (page in development)

  • Medical Tyranny (page in development; generally; for COVID-19 please see our page for that specifically, below)

  • Government Surveillance of the Public (page in development)

  • Artificial Sweeteners [page in development]

  • Squandering of Technology (page in development)

  • Embezzlement (page in development)

  • Corruption of Law Creation

  • Corruption of Law Enforcement

  • Election Corruption (page in development)

  • Government Emergency Powers (page in development)

  • Human Rights Legal Cancellability (page in development)

  • Human Rights Legal Suspendability (page in development)

  • Fiat Currency (page in development)

  • Fractional Reserve Banking

  • Lawfare (page in development)

  • Non-Human Rule (page in development)

  • Science Culture (page in development)

  • Collectivism (page in development)

  • Assassination of President Kennedy (page in development)

  • Executive Order 6102 (page in development)

  • SMART technology (page in development)

  • Cloning (page in development)

  • Genetic Engineering and Corruption (page in development)

  • Nuclear Energy (page in development)

  • Theft (page in development)

  • Murder including Unsolved Murder (page in development)

  • Scams (page in development)

  • Misues of Freedoms (page in development)

  • Species Extinction (page in development)

  • Ozone Layer Destruction (page in development)

  • Super-Volcano Eruption (page in development)

  • Toxins in Water, Food, and Environment:

  • Some of them are deliberately added, being promoted as good things, though rarely discussed.

    This is where environmental focus should be: removing the clear threats, rather than focusing on nebulous ones.

    1. Glyphosate (page in development)

    2. Mercury (page in development)

    3. Toxic Fabrics (page in development)

    4. Graphene (page in development)

  • Demons (page in development)

  • Flood

  • Storms

  • Earthquakes

  • Pollution (page in development)

  • Deforestation (page in development)

  • Narcotic Abuse (in development)

  • The Mark and the Beast (Page in Development)

  • Asset Forfeiture (Page in Development)

  • Flaws in Good Activism (Page in Development)

  • Unholy Holidays (Page in Development)

  • Magic Tricks (Page in Development)

  • The Cube (Page in Development)

  • False Choice (Page in Development)

  • Satanism (Page in Development)

  • Marijuana (page in development)

  • Unemployment (page in development)

  • Misconstrued Veteran Rememberance Days (page in development)

  • Sanctions (page in development)

  • Pornography (page in development)

  • Feminism (page in development)

  • Inequality (page in development)

  • Consent (page in development)

  • Mis-Forgiveness (page in development)

  • Corrupted Marriage (page in development)

  • Depopulation (page in development)

  • Entertainment (page in development)

  • Time (page in development)

  • Mass Migration (page in development)

  • Business (page in development)

  • Electric Vehicles (page in development)

  • Pedophilia (page in development)

  • Biological Weapons [page in development]

  • Food Toxification (page in development)

  • Domestic Terrorism [page in development]

  • War Crimes [page in development]

  • Domestic Fire

  • Cyber Attack (page in development)

  • Mistreatment of Prisoners

  • Legal Bargains & Immunity (page in development)

  • Criminal (in)Justice System (page in development)

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (page in development)

  • Lucifarianism (page in development)

  • Social Division (page in development)

  • Religious & Conscience Persecution (page in development)

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Narcotics

  • Hacking

  • Worship of Money (page in development)

  • Worship of Celebrities (page in development)

  • Impersonation (page in development)

  • Moving On (page in development)

  • Miseducation (page in development)

  • Trusting Experts (page in development)

  • Sellout Clergy (page in development)

  • Character Assassination (page in development)

  • Option Limiting (page in development)

  • Redefinition (page in development)

  • Excessive Fiction (page in development)

  • Variable Prices (page in development)

  • Unfair Fees (page in development)

  • Poverty (page in development)

  • Distraction (page in development)

  • Authoritarianism

  • Corruption of Law Enforcement (page in development)

  • Corruption of Law Design (page in development)

  • Corruption of Education (page in development)

  • Corruption of Charities (page in development)

  • Corruption of Obedience (page in development)

  • Corruption of Television (page in development)

  • Corruption of Computing (page in development)

  • Ingratitude (page in development)

  • Entrapment (page in development)

  • Homelessness (page in development)

  • Disparity between Funding for Good versus Evil Initiatives (page in development)

  • Failures of Human Nature (page in development)

  • Sexual Perversion (page in development)

  • Welfare State (page in development)

  • Government Dictatorship (in development)

  • Government Solvency (page in development)

  • Government Infiltration (page in development)

  • Hate

  • Cancer (page in development)

  • Heart Disease & Stroke (page in development)

  • Diabetes (page in development)

  • Infertility (page in development)

  • Other 'Delusion' Articles in Development:

    • Consciousness (profound; page in development)

    • History (profound; page in development)

    • Crop Circles (page in development)

    • Others' Sufficiency (page in development)

    • Measures of Success (page in development)

    • Nuclear Weapons (page in development)

    • Communism Scare (page in development)

    • Origin of Life by Natural Selection (page in development)

    • N.A.S.A. and Corruption of Space Exploration (page in development)

    • Mass Delusion (page in development)

    • The Enemy (page in development)

    • Government-directed Kidnapping, Torture, and/or Assassination (page in development)

    • Reckless Models of Salvation (page in development)

    • Archaeology and Human History (page in development)

    • Diverse Immigration (page in development)

    • The Bermuda Triangle (page in development)

    • Disappearance (page in development)

    • Hitler's Supposed Death

    Other 'Solution' Articles in Development:

    • CURES (in development)

    • Self-Sufficiency (in development)

    • Civilian Wartime Immunity (in development)

    • Truth (in development)

    • Morality (in development)

    • Awareness (in development)

    • Self-Improvement (in development)

    • Repentance (in development)

    • Peacefulness (in development)

    • Surrender to God (in development)

    • Humility (in development)

    • Relationship with God (in development)

    • Talent (in development)

    • Adoption (in development)

    • Nutrition (in development)

    • Self-Employment (in development)

    • Gardening (in development)

    • Tithing (in development)

    • Correct Identification of Good and Evil (page in development)

    • The Most Victimised (page in development)

    • Human Rights (page in development)

    • National Defense (page in development)

    • Biodiversity (in development)

    • Health (in development)

    • Deterrence (page in development

    • Family (in development)

    • Pineal Gland (in development)

    • Low-Cost Energy (in development)

    • Good Neighbours (in development)

    • Earthships and Homesteading (in development)

    • Savings (in development)

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    1. United Nations

    2. World Economic Forum

    3. George Soros

    4. Bill Gates

    5. British Crown

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    1. Centralised Media (page in development)

    Key Players [Section in Development]:

    1. God the Supreme Being (page in development)

    2. Jesus Christ (page in development)

    Other Articles:


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